Donation and Payment

1. The newly created Gesneriad Conservation Center of China (GCCC) received the first third of an $8,000 donation (USD$2727)  from The Gesneriad Society in January.

2. 20,000 RMB from GXIB for building conservation plastic greenhouse

3. Private donation from the GS members
    (A) Stephen Maciejewski donated $200.00 and RMB 300.00 in May 2011.
    (B) Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia chapter of the Gesneriad.

4. Soceity donated $100.00 (06 Jul., 2012) and another $100.00 (06 Jul.,2012) for a total of $200.00.
    (C) Irina Nicholson donated USD $125.00 (05 Jul., 2012)
    (D) Pam Braun donated USD $80.00 (06 Jul., 2012)
5. Private donation
    Stephen Maciejewski donated $400.00 in April 2013.


6. Private donation

          Mr. Wu Jui-Jung donated some dormant rhizomes of Gesneriaceae plants, the total was 6080 New Taiwanese dollar. (Apr, 2017)

7. Donation from the Gesneriad Society Members and ChaptersOct2017

As you know, the nursery of GCCC was hit by terrible floods in July this year.  The ongoing work of allof the GCCC members and staff was immensely affected because so much of the plant material, including: leaf-cuttings, seedlings and suckers were nearly all destroyed and those saved were all mixed up. After hearing about this bad news, Stephen Maciejewski, gave a slideshow report on it at the GS convention  conservation meeting in July. Members of the Puget Soundchapter of the Gesneriad Society, then generously donated $ 500 to help deal with the flooding issued at the GCCC.

Dee and Bob stewart, members of the Buxton chapter The Gesnerid Sociiety, Massachusetts, U.S.A. also made a very generous donation of many Achimenes rhizomes.

Stephen Maciejewski also brought over the $2100 donation which he raised from the group trip last May for the GCCC.

Thanks to The Gesneriad Society, the Puget Sound chapter of the Gesneriad Society, Dee and Bob Stewart and Stephen Maciejewski!