GCCC visited the Mini Indoor Garden of Saintpaulia in Dongguan city, Guangdong, and met its Owner, Mr. Jian-An Zhang

From GCCC:

       The researcher, Dr. Fang Wen and the research assistant, Ms. Shu Li, went to Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, to visit a famous Mini Indoor Garden of Saintpaulia, which belongs to Mr. Jian-An Zhang, and to talk about his charming treasures: so many different ornamental varieties of Saintpaulia! Mr. Zhang is a very famous specialist for Saintpaulia in Dongguan.

       Mr. Jian-An Zhang is very famous in Dongguan’s Saintpaulia Circle, he also published many scientific and popular papers about Saintpaulia in Chinese Flower journals, for example, “Flower (Huahui)”, “Flower and Bonsai of China (ZhongguoHuahuiPenjing)”. Mr. Zhang’s works in cultivation, propagation and exhibition had proven more fulfilling and exciting than any specialist could ever hope to be.

       Ma. Zhang is so generous that he introduced all experiences and techniques about the cultivation, propagation and exhibition ofSaintpaulia to GCCC. We both felt deeply Saintpauliais his true love, and also felt the endless charm of Saintpaulia. All in word, those experiences from Mr. Zhang will be a great help in preparation of Gesneriads Show in GCCC & Guilin Botanical Garden in the future.

       Thank Mr. Jian-An Zhang very much!

图1 张建安先生和他的精致室内非洲堇展示架

​Figure 1 Mr. Jian-An Zhang and his fantastic Saintpauliashow in door

图2 令人目不暇接的盛开的非洲堇

Figure 2 So many fantastic Saintpaulia in blooming!

图3 如何获得健康的叶插后代?

Figure 3 How to get the many healthy young babies from leaf cutting?

图4 笑得合不拢嘴的温先生和安仔

​Figure 4 Mr. Wen was smiling from ear to ear and Mr. Zhang



        The following figures are the ornamental varieties of Saintpaulia, collected by Mr. Zhang: