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Textual research on the type locality of Petrocodon scopulorum  

Guihaia  2019-01-24 



         Petrocodon scopulorum (Chun) Y.Z. Wang is a rare plant endemic to China. However, it has never been found in the “Pingfa” area of Guizhou province, the type locality of Pet. scopulorum recorded in Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae. The lack of textual information of the type locality will inevitably brings chaos to the identification and related research of Pet. scopulorum. In this study, the morphology and molecular analyses as well as textual analyses of protologue confirmed that the type locality of Pet. scopulorum was “Pingba”, Anshun City. while the type locality recorded in Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae is an incorrect translation of the original record of the type specimen. The results here provide a correct type locality records and also a reliable basis for the identification, conservation and research of the Pet. scopulorum.  

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图1 世纬苣苔模式标本标签

Fig.1 Label of Type specimen Petrocodon scopulorumChunY.Z. Wangprevious Tengia scopulorum Chun

图2 世纬苣苔模式标本(左);世纬苣苔模式产地标本(右)

Fig.2 Type specimen of Pet. scopulorumleft);type locality specimen of Pet. scopulorumright


Fig.3 Petrocodon scopulorum Aflowering individual, Binflorescences, Ccorolla mouth, Dcorolla and stamens, Eflower anatomy, Fflowers in different periods, GCapsule



图4 利用ITS序列构建的最大似然树,分支上为自展检验值

Fig.4 Maximum likelihoodMLtree dirived from ITS, numbers upon branches are bootstrap values of ML