New Research Results from China
New Research Results from China in 2019 (6)

Ex situ Conservation and Display Application of Gesneriaceae in Shanghai Botanical Garden


QIN Jiaqi 

(Shanghai Botanical Garden,Shanghai,200231,China)



      Shanghai Botanical Garden grew out of the Longhua Nursery(1954-1973),and it had begun to cultivate and produce Sinningia speciosa from that time. In the later period,a small amount of other plants were collected,but there was not a lot of systematic collection and detailed records. In 2015,after the Shanghai Botanical Garden expanded the systematic collection of Gesneriaceae,two Gesneriaceae preservation greenhouses had been built,and 34 species of genus had been collected,totaling 202 native species and more than 600 horticultural varieties. Every year,the medium and large-scale exhibition of Gesneriaceae would be held in Shanghai International Flower Show and the Autumn Flower Show of the Botanical Garden. And the Gesneriaceae were applied to landscaping display in the exhibition greenhouse. These efforts had a positive impact on ex situ conservation,exhibition and science popularization of Gesneriaceae in East China.