New Taxa
​​The newest published taxa and newest record of Gesneriaceae from China before 31 December 2019 (5)



Four Newly Recorded Species of Gesneriaceae from Guangdong Province

 (Key Laboratory of Plant Resources Conservation and Sustainable Utilization,South China Botanical Garden,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Guangzhou,Guangdong,510650,China)


Guangxi Sciences  2019(1):83-85


        Four species of Gesneriaceae are reported as new records in Guangdong Province,which are Primulina suichuanensis X. L. Yu & J. J. Zhou, P.pseudoheterotricha (T.J. Zhou, B. Pan & W.B. Xu) Mich. Möller & A. Weber, P.lutea (Yan Liu & Y.G. Wei) Mich. Möller & A. Weber and Oreocharis burttii (W.T.Wang) Mich.Möller & A.Weber.