New Taxa
​​The newest published taxa and newest record of Gesneriaceae from China before 31 December 2019 (6)

No.6 MENG-QI HAN, QUAN YUAN, TIAN-FENG Lü, Li-Bing Zhang & Yan Liu


Petrocosmea qiruniae (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Guizhou, China with supplementary data and revised description of P. leiandra


KEW BULLETIN 2019, (74): 22





Petrocosmea qiruniae M.Q.Han, Li Bing Zhang & Yan Liu (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Guizhou,China, is described and illustrated. It is most similar to P. leiandra (W.T.Wang) Z.J.Qiu in leaf blade shape and corolla type, especially in the colour of corolla throat and spots, indumentum of the stamens and the anther and ovary morphology. It was found on humid cliffs in an enormous limestone cave called the Qingxu Cave. In addition, Petrocosmea leiandra, based on P. martini H.Lév. var. leiandra W.T.Wang, originally published with very few descriptive data, is supplemented with more morphological data and a revised description. 

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图. 1. 琦润石蝴蝶Petrocosmea qiruniae.

Fig. 1. Petrocosmea qiruniae. A habit; B face view of mature flower; C, D side view of mature flower; E, F dissected corollas; G pistil and stamens; H, J habitat.





图. 2. 光蕊石蝴蝶Petrocosmea leiandra.

Fig. 2. Petrocosmea leiandra. A habit; B – D face view of mature flower; E, F, G side view of mature flower; H dissected corolla; J stamens; K pistil.