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Petrocodon chongqingensis, a new species of Gesneriaceae from Chongqing City, China

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Petrocodon chongqingensis (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Chongqing city, China, is described and illustratedhere. This new species morphologically resembles Pet. hunanensis, and different from the later in lacking elongated rhizome,petioles densely white villous, both surfaces of leaf blades densely villous and pubescent, bracts alternate, linear to linearlanceolate, 1.3~1.5 × ca. 0.4 mm, corolla fuchsia to reddish purple, 3~5 cm long, ovary ca. 2 cm long and no stipitate. The conservation status of Pet. chongqingensis is provisionally assessed as “Vulnerable” (VU) according to IUCN Red List categories. The micromorphological characteristics of seed and pollen grain of the new species were observed by using scanning electron microscope (SEM), seed shape of the new species and its congener are narrowly oblong, exine ornamentation of Pet. chongqingensis has rounded, oblong or irregular cave and irregular protrusions, caves also with irregular protrusions. Exine ornamentation of Pet. hunanensis is reticulate, lumina is rectangular square or irregular, lumina with irregular protrusions. The pollen grain shape of Pet. chongqingensis is prolate, circular in polar view and oblong in equatorial view, exine ornamentation is microreticulate to perforate, ridge of reticulum with granulate protrusions.

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图 1 重庆石山苣苔(新种)Petrocodon chongqingensis sp. nov.

Fig. 1 Petrocodon chongqingensis sp. nov. A. Plant in flowering; B. Mature flower (stretched-out pistil and stigma); C. Immature flower (Not-stretched-out pistil and stigma); D. Opened corolla, mainly displayed 4 stamens; E. Calyx lobes (Adaxial surfaces); F. Pistil. (Drawn by LIN Wenhong).



图 2 重庆石山苣苔(新种)Petrocodon chongqingensis sp. nov.

Fig. 2 Petrocodon chongqingensis sp. nov. A. Native habitat; B. Flowering individual; C. inflorescences, D. Adaxial leaf surface; E. Calyx and pistil; F Adaxial leaf surface; G. Flower in front view; H. Flower in lateral view; I. Corolla inside; J. Brace; K. Stamens; L. Staminodes.




图 3 湖南石山苣苔Petrocodon hunanensis

Fig. 3 Petrocodon hunanensis A. Plant (top view for the whole plant) and rhizome; B. Plant (upward view for the back face of whole plant) and rhizome; C. Cyme and the frontal view of corolla; Cymes and the top view of corolla; E. The lateral view of corolla. [Photographed by WEN Fang (A-B) and ZHOU Jianjun (C-D)]



图 4 花粉及种子微观形态

Fig. 4 Pollen and seed micromorphologyA, D. Pollen morphology and surface ornamentation of Petrocodon chongqingensis; B, E. Seed morphology and surface ornamentation of Petrocodon chongqingensis; C, F. Seed morphology and surface ornamentation of Petrocodon hunanensis.