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No.16 LI Xiaojing, YI Ran, SHI Zhiyuan & LI Jiamei


Discovery of Aeschynanthus fulgens (Gesneriaceae) in China and pollen morphology of its related species


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Aeschynanthus fulgens Wall. ex R.Br. is newly recorded from Cangyuan county, Yunnan in China. In this paper, Chinese description of the species was enriched, its voucher specimen and pictures were also supplemented. The pollen morphological characteristics of A. fulgens Wall. ex R.Br. and A. hookeri C. B. Clarke were compared, and the pollen morphology and the ornamentations of the two was found be significant differences. The vouchers are kept in the herbaria of Henan Agricultural University (HEAC).

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 Note:A. Plant habit; B. Corolla laid open; C. Corolla outside; D. Calyx and pistil. (Photoed by LI Jiamei in Cangyuan Banhong)


PlateⅠ Aeschynanthus fulgens Wall. ex R.Br.


 Note:A-C. Aeschynanthus fulgens Wall. ex R.Br.; D-F. A. hookeri C.B. Clarke; A, D. Pollen equatorial view;B, E. Pollen polar view; C, F. Partial view.

PlateⅡ Scanning electron micrographs of pollen grains




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