New Taxa
The newest published taxa and newest record of Gesneriaceae from China before 31 December 2019 (25)


   No.25 Julian M. H. Shaw


A new identity for cultivated Petrocosmeagrandiflora’Gesneriaceae

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 2019 36 (2): 134–143.




Petrocosmea thermopuncta, a probable hybrid species from Yunnan, is described and illustrated. Formerly known in cultivation as P. grandiflora, this taxon is named thermopuncta (hotspot) with reference to the dark spot in the corolla tube (Note: It might be mean red but so dark and ‘hot’ that it turns to be purple and black. SMILE!) and its growing in a biodiversity hotspot, (though of uncertain geographical provenance).


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Note 1: This so-called new taxon might be a new synonym of Petrocosmea yanshanensis Z.J. Qiu & Y.Z. Wang. Thanks very much for Mr. Meng-Qi Han, a Doctoral Student from Institute of Botany, CAS!

Note 2: The content of this official account of GCCC about “Petrocosmea grandiflora” might be a false identification for P. yanshanensis.



Fig. 1 The colorful hand drawing of this new species, Petrocosmea thermopuncta




Fig. 2. Petrocosmea thermopuncta. A, leaf, × 1; B, transverse section of leaf, × 1; C, flower,exterior view, × 2/3; D, sepal, × 6; E, corolla upper lobe inner surface, × 3; F, corolla lobeexterior surface, × 3; G, corolla lower portion, with androecium, × 3; H, androecium, withstaminodes, ×6; J, hairs from stamen filament, highly magnified; K, gland from anther surface, highly magnified; L, gynoecium, × 10; M, gynoecium, transverse section, ×10. Drawnby Christabel King from a plant cultivated at Kew.


The following figures show Petrocosmea yanshanensis Z.J. Qiu & Y.Z. Wang. Based on the identification from Mr. Meng-Qi Han, readerscan use your own judgment for P. thermopuncta and P. yanshanensis.Photos by Meng-Qi Han.