New Taxa
​​The newest publishedtaxa and newest record of Gesneriaceae from China before 31 December 2019 (29)

   No.29 Qiong Fu, Ying Guo, Rong Huang, Ying Xia & Ying-Qiang Wang


Oreocharis ovatilobata (Gesneriaceae), a New Species fromGuizhou, China


Annales Botanici Fennici56: 259-265






Oreocharis ovatilobata Q. Fu & Y.Q. Wang (Gesneriaceae) a new species from Guizhou Province in southwest China, is described and illustrated. It is morphologically similar to O. pankaiyuae and O. mairei, but differs from these congeners in particular by possessing ovate corolla lobes with purplish red spots at the obtuse apex, glandular-pubescent bracts and pistil, and by its adaxially white-pubescent leaf blade. Morphology (SEM) of leaf epidermis and seed coat of O. ovatilobata is also different from that of O. pankaiyuae.

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Fig. 1. Oreocharis ovatilobata (from the holotype, drawn by Ms. Yun-Xiao Liu). — A: Plant habit. — B: Abaxial leaf surface. — C: Opened corolla, showing stamens. — D: Anther (anterior view). — E: Anther (posterior view). — F: Flower in side view. — G: Pistil and calyx. — H: Young fruit.


Fig. 2. Comparison of (A) Oreocharis ovatilobata and (B) O. pankaiyuae. — 1: Plant and habit. — 2: Adaxial leafsurface. — 3: Abaxial leaf surface. — 4: Flower. — 5: Fruit. — 6: Opened flower, showering corolla, pistil, sepals, stamens. — 7: Opened corolla (outside), showing adaxial lip lobes (arrowhead) and abaxial lip lobes. — 8: Stigma.      9: Ovary.


Fig. 3. Morphology (SEM) of leaf epidermal surfaces and seed coat of (A) Oreocharis ovatilobata and (B) O. pankaiyuae. — 1: Upper leaf cuticular membrane. — 2: Lower leaf epidermis trichome membranes. — 3: Stoma. —4: Seed. — 5: Ornamentation of seed coat.