New Research Results from China
New Research Results from China in 2020(5) 

XU Hui, TU Ji hong, LIANG Yu ting, ZHANG Xiao qin, LI Na, LI Peng


Studies on adaptability of seven species of Gesneriaceae plants to light intensity


Hubei Agricultural Sciences 2020, 59(3): 102-107







The adaptability of the light intensity of the Gesneriaceae plants was studied to improve the quality of potted Gesneriaceae plants and promote its reasonable application in gardens. The physiological indicators such as malondialdehyde, soluble protein and chlorophyll content under different shading conditions of seven Gesneriaceae plants, including Primulina fimbrisepala, P. eburneaPrimulina Silver Antler, Hemiboea gracilis, Briggsia mihieri, Lysionotus pauciflorus and Pseudochirita guangxiensis var. glauca were measured, and the growth was observed.Comprehensive analysis and comparison show that all 7 species of Gesneriaceae family have strong negative tolerance and can grow normally under the conditions of light intensity of 2000~8000 lx.From light to strong, the adaptability to the light is Lysionotus pauciflorus, Pseudochirita guangxiensis, Primulina Silver Antler, Briggsia mihieriPrimulina fimbrisepala, Hemiboea gracilis, Primulina eburnea.

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Notes: The genus, Briggsia, was canceled and the species, previous B. mihieri (Franch.) Craib, was changed its place to another new genus, Glabrella Mich.Möller & W.H.Chen. The new scientific name is G. mihieri (Franch.) Mich.Möller & W.H.Chen.

New Research Results from China in 2020(5) 

Figure 1 Primulina eburnea (Hance)Y. Z.Wang

New Research Results from China in 2020(5) 

Figure 2 Lysionotus pauciflorus Maxim.

New Research Results from China in 2020(5) 

Figure 3 Pseudochirita guangxiensis (S.Z. Huang) W.T.Wang var. glauca Y.G. Wei & Yan Liu

New Research Results from China in 2020(5) 

Figure 4 Glabrella mihieri (Franch.) Mich.Möller & W.H.Chen

New Research Results from China in 2020(5) 

Figure 5 Primulina fimbrisepala (Hand.-Mazz.) Y. Z. Wang var. fimbrisepala

New Research Results from China in 2020(5) 

Figure 6 Hemiboea gracilis Franch. var. gracilis